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  • Inversion Therapy Systems
  • OsteoPro Osteoporosis Diagnosis
  • HYLO Adjusting Table
  • B-Alert X10
  • Bionomadix
  • fNIR

Analgesia - A Non Invasive Therapy Solution

Inversion therapy is a well-known and validated therapy for relieving sciatica and back pain associated with disc injury.

DFM Vertical Traction Electrical Inversion Table

Experience the versatility of the DFM by maximizing function in a small space. The DFM is an effective tool for any clinic. Patients may rest prone or supine while inverted, allowing for treatments at varied angles. Adjustable features ensure user comfort while the easily accessible push-button control allows for supervised or unassisted inversion sessions.

OsteoPro System Series

The OsteoPro series is defined by its high product quality, precision and reproductability of the measurements, a powerful and user-friendly software and a very short period time for a successful diagnosis.

They incorporate ultrasound technology, thus making them totally safe, quick and secure with no ionizing radiation.

Reflect the World Health Organization's osteoporosis diagnosis standard.

HYLO Reinventing the Adjusting Table

Ergostyle HYLO is a revolutionary adjusting table with many standard features previously considered upgrades. Improved ergonomics include: bilatelar control placement, powered front and pelvic sections, free falling Accelerator III Drops, gas spring assist on headpiece, chest and pelvic cushions.

Constant flow components allow constant tilt speed with Automatic Weight Compensation regardless of patient's weight and height.

B-Alert X10 a Revolutionary EEG and ECG Wireless System

The B-Alert is a new system for EEG and ECG for research applications. Its advantages are the very easy and fast placement on the head, the wireless digital technology, the integrity of the signals acquired and its software AcqKnowledge with ready to applied algorithms for signal proccessing.

B-Alert Cognitive State software

The Cognitive State software was developed for the B-Alert system and is used in psychophysiology and the evaluation of cognitive states like stress, fatigue, confusion, engagement, workload. It incorporates signal proccessing tecniques through Probability Theory for displaying online depictive graphs for the above states.

Bionomadix - New wireless systems

The new BioNomadix series of wireless, wearable physiology monitoring devices for life science research are available for a wide range of signals, including ECG, EEG, EOG, EMG, EGG, Respiration, Pulse, Temperature, Electrodermal Activity, Impedance Cardiography, Accelerometry, and Gyro. BioNomadix are typically dual-channel units, offering either two of the same signal or a combination of signals.

Developed and manufactured by BIOPAC Systems Inc., a leader in life science data acquisition and analysis, the new BioNomadix series delivers all the benefits of a wireless solution with the signal quality & integrity of a wired system. BioNomadix provides a cost-efficient option for uncompromised wireless physiological subject monitoring.

fNIR - Functional Near Infrared Oprical Brain Imaging

The fNIR100 is a stand-alone functional brain imaging system that includes a control unit and sensor for continuous fNIR spectroscopy (NIRS) and AcqKnowledge 4 software. The device provides 16 channels of information through 4 light sources and 10 detectors. The fNIR100 System includes software to view the data in real time and save it for post acquisition analysis.

The fNIR100 provides users with an in-lab assessment of cognitive function. It eliminates a great many of the drawbacks of a functional MRI. The subject can sit in front of a computer and take a test or perform mobile tasks. It integrates with stimulus presentation systems and BIOPAC's virtual reality products.